The All-Girl Nerf Line – Rebelle

Hasbro has launched a new line for only girls and today we find out what’s different about this series and which is the best Nerf gun a girl can buy?

The rebelle edition is Hasbro’s way of attracting female buyers to its popular toy brand. It is known that Nerf guns are usually targeted at boys, but the manufacturers have now decided to focus on the other gender too.

The colours of the Rebelle line are generally pink. Before its launch some Women group opposed this because they taught this clearly shows the stereotype against women. However Hasbro denied it out rightly, claiming that they are just toys, and major fuss should not be created.

Now here are the top 3 guns to be launched under this line:-

  1. The Heartbreaker bow
  2. Pink Crush
  3. Power Pair

Here is our individual review of these three.

  1. The Heartbreaker bow

A crossbow inspired blaster, this gun has interesting mix of purple and white. It surely looks good. It has a crossbow action and can store 5 darts. You can adjust the sight for precise shots. The darts are collectible which means you can collect different darts and all will work with this blaster. It can fire up to 75 feet. This is quite good considering it is a non-motorized crossbow styled blaster. Overall this has been loved by girls all over the States, and is our top recommendation.

  1. The Pink Crush Blaster

This is a 2 in 1 blaster with a design that targets young girls. The material on this is not of the highest quality. It can hold 4 darts at a time. There are two ways through which you can fire the dart. The first is with by pulling the regular trigger. The second is by the crossbow action. The Pink crush comes with a crossbow attachment. You would obviously have to buy that accessory. Taking about range, it can easily cross the distance of 75 feet. Some argue that this might be a little too much of power in a girl’s hand. The darts used in this gun seem cheap.

  1. Nerf Rebelle Power pair

A miniature gun, or a pair of gun this perhaps the cutest gun you can find in the market. It is also quite small in size and can easily fit into your purse. It can store 4 darts. And by the way when you buy this you get a pair. So you can play with this with your sister or friend. The range isn’t that high, but you don’t expect much from a gun this small. It is best used for sneak attacks and many obese women have found a liking for this gun too.

Our final verdict

According to us the best Nerf blaster for girls would be the Pink Crush. It combines the action of a pistol as well as a crossbow. And moreover the design is what makes this our top recommendation. If you are going to gift your little angle a gun, it better be the Pink Crush.

Are Foam Darts safe for young Kids?

 A recent event in Florida has led to an interesting debate that whether foam darts used in Nerf guns, safe for kids. Before we discuss this let us tell you tell you everything about that incident in Florida.

Incident of Florida with Nerf Gun Darts

This incident happened with Mark living in Florida. According to his parents Brock and Amy, their son, has been playing with Nerf guns for over a year. He has handle guns of all sizes from the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm to the Nerf Elite Rampage. And yes he is 12 years old. Anyway this incident was reported around 7 PM. Now generally when you hear news coming from Florida during evening it is usually about gun violence. This case involved guns but toy guns. Mark was playing with his gun the “Elite Rampage” and he was loading his darts. When he fired a dart something terrible happened. Instead of going forward from the nozzle, it got stuck in the drum and got ejected from behind. This was because of flawed recoil. That dart, then hit mark in the eye. The speed of recoil was so much that the eyeball got pushed back by a distance of about 1 centimetre. This may seem quite less to the illiterate of our readers, but in case of eye it is equivalent to a kilometre. Luke, the doctor which is treating Mark, said that he has never seen such a case in his life. And he has operated many patient with actual gun wounds near their eyes. But that’s not all since Mark was in so much pain, he became angry, and in the process, swallowed two darts. When the parents heard the screams of their child, they immediately rushed to his room. By the time they reached, Mark was lying flat on the floor and gallons of blood was pouring down from his eyeballs.

Mark was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was operated for four hours. He has still not completely healed from this and is still under recovery.

Are the Safety Standards Enough?

After this many parents from around the country have started do ask that do these Nerf guns and darts pass necessary safety tests before they are shipped into the markets. Nerf guns and darts are legal only for kids above the age of 3. But since the recent recoil incident has occurred, many are questioning the mechanics behind these guns. Hasbro has recalled 5000 of their Nerf guns after this incident and have claimed that this design flaw will be rectified as soon as possible. But this incident has caused a major dent in the image of Hasbro. Their stock value has also plummeted.

We hope they quickly find a solution to this problem because in Florida if you can’t use toy guns, people will start using actual guns.

An enquiry has been setup by the toys commission of America and they have asked Hasbro, to submit a report within 3 months.

How Hasbro revolutionised the Toy Industry?

Hasbro is one of the biggest names in toys industry. In fact is the leading toy company in the world in terms of revenue. They have launched famous toys from time to time, but nothing comes close to the success it has received with Nerf guns.

Initially launched by Parker brothers, this soon was bought by Hasbro. They gave Nerf guns the suitable branding it required and then it became a part of every American household that has a kid.

With over 1 billion dollars in revenue clearly, Hasbro is doing exceedingly well with this brand.

Nerf guns, were launched in 2004 and the Nerf Elite maverick is what bought everyone’s attention on the brand. Essentially it was a barrel gun which resembled a pistol. It had the ability to fire hold 6 darts and could fire at a distance of over 50 feet. As many 9000 mavericks were sold. It has since then developed a cult image with many famous comedians like John Stewart using them as props in their show. The most famous dialogue was, it would have been better if terrorists fought with mavericks rather than AK-47.

It has launched many series including the elite series, zombie strike series and n-strike series. All of these series have many guns launched under them. Some guns resemble rifles while some guns resemble full on sniper rifles.

Earlier kids in America were fascinated by robots and RC cars but after this all of them seem to want Nerf guns. Even young girls who were occupied with Barbie dolls and kitchen sets have given up these conventional toys and have started playing with these guns. The questions however arises who will make the sandwich now for future generation boys. This scary thought led to a republican movement, bring girls back to kitchen. But since it was opposed by some liberals, it was not able to gather that much attention.

Clearly all this indicates that no other toy has managed to capture the attention of an entire generation like Hasbro’s Nerf Guns.

Giving the love of Nerf Guns to Young Children


Nerf guns are perhaps the most loved toys among American kids. A recent Survey, by Washington Post suggested that as many 96% American kids today, under the age of 10 have played with Nerf guns. So clearly this is something which the kids love. We at Small Wonders, like to volunteer and provide happiness to underprivileged kids. And perhaps there is no better way to do this than to gift them Nerf Guns.

To do this, our representative in North Dakota, talked with people at Hasbro, the manufacturers of Nerf guns. They seemed like nice people and were ready to join this initiative.

So they sent us around 100 different Nerf guns, of all colours and sizes. Last month we celebrated our 7th Annual Foundation day. This time around we decided to celebrate it in grand fashion. We collaborated with Make a Wish Foundation, and they readily agreed. They also planned an event with WWE superstars, last month, and they decided that they will collaborated and make this a large spectacle for the kids.

We then ordered 100 more guns, since the number of children increased. Now let us come to the event. We celebrated this near Times Square and invited all the kids. Most of them were from Middle Eastern Families, but we generally find this trend in our groups. We started the event at 05:00 PM. We hired Johnny Depp to do the anchoring for the event.

The event started and we had to go through the boring speeches of our founding members, including Patty. She shared story of her childhood, and how her father abuse her. Patty, we already made Oprah famous for this, we don’t need you. But she went on and on. Few kids actually started dozing off, and we had to wake them up.

Finally the WWE superstars came, including my favourite Dean Ambrose. That lunatic fringe, was able to bring huge smiles on the faces of those Muslim kids. Many wrestlers clicked photographs with the kids, and like other events the paparazzi came to catch a glimpse of these superstars.

Then the WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon along with the CEO of Hasbro, bought in the truck full of Nerf guns, and the kids cheered. Some media reports criticized us because we bought Nerf guns for kids which were majorly Muslims. But in our defence, it is better to give them toy guns in America rather than giving them those death machines which they will get in their native countries.

Kids really enjoyed playing with Nerf guns. We created a small Nerf Battle in the arena, and few superstars also joined in. It indeed was a great saga. The joys on the faces of those underprivileged kids literally bought tears among all of us. It also was a huge PR exercise for Hasbro, and they might be sitting over their most profitable quarter because of our event. They sent us 500 more Nerf guns after the event and we distributed these among various other kids living in America.